INSPIRATION – Decorating with style

Decorating with style

There is a great joy and satisfaction in honouring and repurposing historic and architecturally interesting buildings.

The London areas we cover have many historic buildings – you may even live or work in one of them. As a result, we understand architecture and history, as well as your personal style and practical needs.

Refurbishing and converting buildings is essential to our practice. Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco are common architectural styles in London and we’re deeply passionate about bringing the style and vocabulary of the outside into the inside of these buildings.

On the more modern end of the spectrum, when it comes to a new-build you’ll want to consider the landscape and cityscape before you begin your work. Today’s lifestyle changes mean that homes and spaces need to serve multiple functions or even be repurposed.

“We’re deeply passionate about bringing the style and vocabulary of the outside into the inside of buildings.”

Exploring Architectural Features

If you’re redecorating can you find an old photograph of the space? Does it show traces of style which you can embrace? Maybe a herringbone parquet under a worn-out carpet, or some intricate Georgian plasterwork.

Nobody wants to live in a museum, but, through thoughtful combinations of old and new you can create a space that will stand the test of time – increasing its value, character, and beauty.

Bringing Modern Spaces to Life

Living in a new-build home has the perks of being functional and maintenance-free. However, too many clean lines, and simplified cornices and skirting boards (if any), can make a space cold and over-polished.

Our trusted designers suggest bringing in soft shapes and natural materials (e.g. wood, textured tiles, and linen) to create warmth and atmosphere. Additionally, textiles help on acoustics and big plants create life.

Conversions and Extensions

Times are changing, as are spaces. Converting, repurposing, and extending buildings requires a deep understanding of existing architecture and styles. It’s an understanding we have at Sacred Space.

A successful conversion can make a statement or seamlessly blend old and new. Whatever direction you choose, we’ll help you create something lasting: a space full of light and ready for modern living.

Working with Sacred Space

From a single consultancy to final follow-up, we are here to make your refurbishment process as smooth and enjoyable as it should be – creating that space you’ll always want to come back to.

A bespoke service led by our expert consultants will tailor the result to your personal tastes and lifestyle needs – making every project unique and the best it can be.

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