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In the past 20 years the look and feel of the spaces we spend our time in has become increasingly important. Their design, architecture, and features can transform our mood and day.

We set up Sacred Space to reflect this, and to meet people’s desire to create beautiful spaces which are full of life.

Sacred Space is a collective of the best builders, architects, and designers – each of whom has been working across London for over 15 years. We’re here to deliver your project from start to finish in a way that’s always professional, always high quality, and always flexible.

Always Professional

Imagine how good you’d be at doing something if you had over 250 years of cumulative experience doing it? This is the case with Sacred Space. Our collective of experts can support you in a wide-range of areas: extensions, installations, electrics, plumbing, maintenance and more.

Each expert is a specialist in their field, meaning you always get a fast, reliable, and safe service (that includes being completely covid-compliant – more on this below).

Always High Quality

Unlike many others, we are very happy to meet you at the start of your project and offer you an initial design consultancy free of charge. This allows you to ask questions, get answers, and understand what to expect. It also allows us to learn more about your aims and create a transparent plan of costs which is tailored and accurate.

The final touches and little details, while small to some, are big to us. They’re the bits you really notice further down the line, and we pride ourselves on getting them perfect by using high-quality suppliers at a fair price. The result? A beautifully designed space.

Always Flexible

You may want to start your space from scratch. You may need to work around existing architecture. Our skill and knowledge mean we’re flexible to both. The only thing that’s fixed is our promise to create a timeless space which matches (and surpasses) your vision.

What’s more, our experience means we’re able to offer a tailored service across projects both big and small. From grand designs and complete rebuilds. To redecorating and retiling.


We are actively adhering to the government’s latest advice and guidelines around Covid-19. This includes: completing Covid-19 risk assessments. Carrying out further deep-cleaning of shared equipment. Establishing processes which allow for social distancing. Increasing ventilation while working. Taking part in the NHS’ Test and Trace scheme. And ensuring none of our experts are working if they have any coronavirus symptoms.


Whether you’re looking to improve your home or build an entirely new one, we believe that a great space should be a beautiful and functional backdrop to how you want to live your life.

Our initial consultation is a chance for you to offload all of your thoughts, feelings, and hopes for what you want your space to look like and do. We’ll also gladly survey the existing architecture and period of your home – and the landscape or cityscape of where you want to build.

Following our consultation we’ll create a plan to match (and exceed) your vision. And as soon as you’re happy we’ll get to work.

Our knowledgeable team of designers and builders apply an intelligent care and attention to detail throughout. No one likes being kept in the dark, so you’ll be updated and guided through every stage of the process. We take real pleasure in our clients feeling confident and in control of what’s going on.

How we can help you:

    • Refurbishments and renovations
    • Loft and basement conversions
    • New-builds
    • Kitchens and bathrooms
    • Tiling, flooring and replastering
    • Architecture and design

Whatever your design or budget, we match both by sourcing amongst a range of international and local suppliers.

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